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It’s Time to Grow Your Business

  • List your business in the ChurchCard Directory
  • Create a deal that works for your business
  • Get traffic from up to 27,000+ local churchgoers
  • Watch your business grow!

Here's How We Can Send You New Customers

The Churches

We provide thousands of ChurchCard subscriptions to local churches upon request.

When they signup as members, they can use their smartphones on our business directory and find businesses like yours.

Premium Business Listings

When you signup as a Premium Business you get to offer basic deals on your business profile page (Example:10% off your order on Mondays).

You can also run Door-Buster-Deals (which are Groupon style deals) that offer special savings to shoppers.

The Shoppers

All ChurchCard members can go to our business directory and browse our Door-Buster-Deals as well as our standard categories for things they want to buy.

If you have a compelling deal listed, then odds are good you’ll start seeing new customers coming in and shopping with you!